2014-CPD-Therapeutic Interventions for Working with Obesity

This CPD workshop provides a treatment programme for working with obesity looking at food addiction and binge eating disorder.

This training programme is fully endorsed by BACP (British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy)


To gain an understanding of a therapeutic treatment for obesity, incorporating the 12-step facilitation model and to understand how to integrate the model into your own practice.


  • What has research demonstrated?
  • Comparison between compulsive overeating/binge eating disorder and DSM-V substance dependence criteria
  • Cycle of Addiction
  • Characteristics of binge eating disorder (BED)
  • Addictive behaviours often associated and connected with BED
  • Group Therapy and 12-step Groups
  • Family/Personal history
  • The solution
  • Interactive Group Workshop
  • Abstinence – what is it?
  • Introduction and overview of the 12-Step Facilitation Model and its use during and after therapeutic treatment
  • Integration
  • Thought for the Day



Saturday 29th March – The Minster Centre, 20 Lonsdale Road, Queens Park, NW6 6RD

Saturday 26th April – The Living Room, Rear of 156 Hatfield Road, St. Albans, Hertfordshire. AL1 4JD

Please see my website for further details:


Rochelle Craig MSc





About Rochelle craig.co.uk

I am an accredited Drug and Alcohol Counsellor by the Federation of Drug & Alcohol Professionals (FDAP). I specialize in overeating/food addiction/eating disorders/obesity but have much experience of working with all addictions. Please see my website www.rochellecraig.co.uk
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