Are you working with obese clients? Are they on the cycle of dieting and putting on weight?
Have you considered finding out about 12-step approach to weight loss?
I feel that all our clients deserve choices and there aren’t many choices for obese patients. They tend to be offered healthy eating plans and exercise plans.
Nothing is offered psychologically or emotionally.
I am not saying that this is the treatment that is going to work for everyone, but as we all know, when dealing with any compulsive behaviour one size does definitely not fit all. It is a powerful feeling to have an urge to eat and then once starting being unable to stop. It is a powerful feeling to rely on food as a coping mechanism or to deal with uncomfortable feelings or indeed to deal with any feelings at all. These are the areas that need to be looked at when working with this specific client group.
Let’s give them choices, help them to explore themselves through the 12-step programme of Overeaters Anonymous UK.
Learn about it yourself! It will do you good!!
It did me………..please read previous blog with more details of training and look at my website http://www.piecebypiecerecovery,co.uk


About Rochelle craig.co.uk

I am an accredited Drug and Alcohol Counsellor by the Federation of Drug & Alcohol Professionals (FDAP). I specialize in overeating/food addiction/eating disorders/obesity but have much experience of working with all addictions. Please see my website www.rochellecraig.co.uk
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